Astrid S Tuminez,Kenneth Paul Tan,Kishore Mahbubani,Scott A Fritzen,Stavros N Yiannouka

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

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In an industry of higher education that measures the longevity of its leading institutions in decades and centuries, the establishment and rapid growth of the eight-year-old Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKY School), National University of Singapore, is a remarkable story that deserves to be told. The five co-authors, all of whom were involved in guiding the School during its formative years, provide unique perspectives of key events and the thinking behind major decisions that helped place the School on its current trajectory. They also provide insights into the challenges faced along the way as well as their own motivations in becoming part of this enterprise. Finally, each author provides his or her own thoughts as to the challenges and opportunities that could emerge for the LKY School in years to come.
Read the chapters authored by dynamic, key founding and management personnel of the LKY School and discover for yourselves:
the relevance of an Asian policy schoolwhat will make the LKY School's curriculum “one of the most innovative”what sets global policy studies apart from all other academic disciplineswhy executive education at the LKY School is one of the largest in the worldwhy the LKY School is the third best-endowed policy school in the worlda view of high-profile participating “student officials”Contents:Introduction: Inspiring Leaders, Improving Lives (Stavros N Yiannouka)Reflections of a Founding Dean (Kishore Mahbubani)Building a World-Class School of Public Policy (Stavros N Yiannouka)The Three Enigmas of Professional Policy Education (Scott A Fritzen)Richness, Rigour and Relevance: Creating a Strong and Vibrant Research Community at a New School of Public Policy (Astrid S Tuminez)A “Singapore School” of Public Policy (Kenneth Paul Tan)Conclusion: Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead (Scott A Fritzen)Appendix A: Global Public Policy as a Field of Study: A View from Asia (Kanti Bajpai, Scott A Fritzen and Kishore Mahbubani)Appendix B: A Sampling of Research Projects and Milestones
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