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Sarah Arnold

A Pocket Coach: The Confidence Coach

Your cool pocket companion and one-stop guide to capturing confidence!

From the best-selling author of The Mindfulness Companion and The Can’t Sleep Colouring Journal comes the second in our pocket-sized range of gift self-help titles, designed to help you tackle self-doubt and lack of confidence in every day life. Through helpful exercises, guidance and expert narrative, Dr Arnold’s techniques for reclaiming your mojo, and getting closer to achieving your goals is now your coolly designed, pocket companion – and a perfect gift for a loved one.
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Michael O'Mara
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    What do I really think about this?
    How do I feel about this?
    Is there anything I need or want to say in response to this?
    What do I want or need to do now?
    Try to be as open, honest, empathetic and respectful as possible in your communications, and express your opinions/requests as clearly as possible. Use ‘I…’ statements such as:
    • ‘I think …’
    • ‘I feel …’
    • ‘I would like …’

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