Rod Baxter

Project Management for Success Handbook: Manage the Project – Ensure the Results – Celebrate Success

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This is a guide to project management for success, designed for project managers of all levels in every industry. The project management handbook combines elements of the simplest and most complex project management approaches and processes, including those contained in PMI®’s PMBOK®.

This handbook provides guidance through a simple seven-step approach called SUCCESS: Step One – Set-up the Project; Step Two – Understand the Requirements; Step Three – Create the Team; Step Four – Construct the Plan; Step Five – Execute the Plan; Step Six – Sign-off and Close the Project; Step Seven – Salute the Team.
Employing this seven-step approach results in efficient and effective project management with certain results.

With the purchase of the project management handbook, the reader has access to a downloadable file containing all templates referenced in the handbook.
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