Sandra Ajaja

From Hobbies to Social Entrepreneurship

This book seeks to alter the mindset of millions around the world towards active involvement in nation-building. A lot more can be done if it is not left to a few. Every one is a potential CHANGEMAKER, a nation builder only if given the right tools of engagement.

Getting the right tool is in identifying what we have, working creatively with what you already have and starting from your niche. In hobbies lie the hope of a better day. If we channel the passion, persistence, commitment with which we do hobbies into impacting and adding value to our immediate community or society then, we can call ourselves SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS.

Every economy thrives on small-scale enterprises. Startup entrepreneurs are the major guys involved in economy building and money circulation. Equipping entrepreneurs with the social mindset will do so much good. As entrepreneurs, we should rise to the call and take up social problems, think up ideas that will solve it and still do what we love to do – make money.

So that we all can grow together, it is not a call for one, it is a call for all. This book is not just for social entrepreneurs or social entrepreneur wannabes.
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  • Olga Zotovaцитує4 роки тому
    Employment is you employing your abilities, your skill, and your passion towards solving a problem. It is not just you sitting around waiting for a a white collar job in which most of the time you don’t get. Even when you get, it is often something that you probably over qualified for or don’t have passion for.
  • Olga Zotovaцитує4 роки тому
    talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not
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