Walter Isaacson,Jared Cohen,Nicholas Burns,Edward Alden,John Dowdy,Ash Carter,Jack Clark,Condoleezza Rice,John Deutch,Chandru Krishnamurthy,Diana Farrell,Eric Rosenbach,Jason Matheny,Jr. Nye,Katherine Mansted,Laura Rosenberg,Penny Pritzker

Technology and National Security

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Aspen Policy Books is a series of annual publications that address the United States' most formidable and pressing national security and foreign policy challenges. This edition is a collection of papers commissioned for the 2018 Aspen Strategy Group Summer Workshop, a bipartisan meeting of national security experts, academics, private sector leaders, and technologists. The introduction by Nicholas Burns, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., and Condoleezza Rice provides an overview of technology's impact on key pillars of American power and offers practical recommendations to meet the daunting challenges this technological era imposes. The chapters in this volume evaluate the disruptive nature of technological change on the U.S. military, economic power, and democratic governance. They highlight possible avenues for U.S. defense modernization, the impact of disinformation tactics and hybrid warfare on democratic institutions, and the need for a reinvigorated innovation triangle comprised of the U.S. government, academia, and private corporations.
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