Oscar Zarate,Dylan Evans

Introducing Evolutionary Psychology

How did the mind evolve? How does the human mind differ from the minds of our ancestors, and from the minds of our nearest relatives, the apes? What are the universal features of the human mind, and why are they designed the way they are? If our minds are built by selfish genes, why are we so cooperative? Can the differences between male and female psychology be explained in evolutionary terms? These questions are at the centre of a rapidly growing research programme called evolutionary psychology.
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    evolutionary biology and cognitive psychology.
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    When cognitive psychologists first began to investigate the mind, they thought that it would be a very simple kind of program.
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    When they set out to test this hypothesis, however, the cognitive psychologists found that they were wrong. They wrote some very simple programs that could solve very abstract problems, but they found that these programs were unable to do many of the things that humans do easily.

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