Kellie Sullivan

How To Analyze People

In order to relate well with the people around you and those whom you meet them daily, you must understand them. However, it is almost impossible to understand yourself, your fears, insecurities, behaviors and why you behave differently under different situations. It is only after understanding your own complexities as an individual that you can understand their own. To understand people, you must analyze them in all aspects and from all angles.
This book is a step by step guide to help you analyze people instantly and be an amazing person to them. To quench our thirst to be loved, we must position ourselves in a position that will make us loveable and attractive. Standard confidence, a warm smile and a firm handshake is enough to start you off but keeping the ball rolling might be a whole new journey up hill.
Soon you will get to know why people behave the way they do and also stand a chance to read other people's minds and get to know what really makes them tick per se..
Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

Why You Need To Know How To Analyze People?

The Benefits of Analyzing People

Clues to Start Recognizing

Nonverbal Language

Reading Body Languages

50 Practical Tips

And more
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    Nasty comments are nasty! Whether said jokingly or meaningfully, no one will ever like you for telling them how horrible they look in that dress or how cartoonish they manage to become by applying too much make-up and accessories, even if it is the truth.
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    36. Overcome your judgmental aspect and learn to take everyone as a unique individual different from anyone of the same tribe, age group, race or even country.
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    . You can't always be a talker, sometimes pause and listen. Learn the art of really listening instead of thinking what to say next. When you listen keenly, you will create and build confidence and at the same time select the best diction to suit the two of you.

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