Stephen A. Anthony

Co-parenting vs Parallel Parenting

Are you co-parenting with a jerk?
If coparenting isn't working and your parenting plan is constantly not being followed, learn about parallel parenting as part of the parenting plan
Co-parenting books talk about just that, co-parenting. This form of dealing with the other parent while trying to agree with the children's visitation schedule and a parenting plan doesn't always work, especially if you are dealing with a narcissist or a borderline personality disorder.
You and your kids may be better off with parallel parenting. A parallel parenting plan is similar to co-parenting, but it can actually be more beneficial for everyone, except the controlling ex. Your kids don't want their lives disrupted, and Co-parenting vs. Parallel parenting discusses how the ex can actually use co-parenting against you and the kids.
Parallel parenting is a newer form of parenting that divorced couples can use after divorce. It takes some manipulative power away from a controlling parent. Most find that parallel parenting can reduce the stress and worry that co-parenting seems to cause.
You will learn:
how parallel parenting relieves stress — yours and the kids
why parallel parenting can stop the other parent from derailing schedules
the tools that make parallel parenting easy to manage
how the kids are affected if co-parenting isn't working
the skills you need to effectively co-parent or parallel parent
This parenting book can help with the strategies you need
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