Stephen A. Anthony

Stress Relief from Relationship Divorce

Divorcing someone with a disorder like narcissism or borderline personality can drive you crazy
Fight back against the divorce poison while you’re splitting
If you are struggling to maintain a ‘normal’ life while dealing with a high conflict divorce, this book will help you to reduce your stress. Built up stress from frustration and aggravation at a cold-hearted system can lead to health issues and make it even harder to deal with the ex. If you are dealing with kids, it is imperative that you control your stress. You need your mind clear and health excellent to be able to fight against everything that is against you while coping with your divorce.
In this book you will learn:
Some basic health solutions to lower your stress
Actions you can take immediately to reduce your stress
Ideas that have worked for others while going through divorce
What to look for from the court and the ex that is driving your stress up
Get a copy so you too can utilize the 16 techniques to help your own life during divorce.
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