Chris Anderson

The Long Tail from SmarterComics

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Now in comic format, this 2006 New York Times bestseller introduced the business world to a future that’s already here. It explains why the focus of Internet commerce is not on hits but on misses—the long tail of the demand curve – and illuminates the reasons behind the success of niche operations like Amazon.com, iTunes, and Netflix. A must-read for every entrepreneur and manager!

In the era of pre-Internet, businesses focused on providing lots of inventory items that were in high demand, but this left consumers searching for niche products that no one wanted to bother to provide. In the Internet era, the focus is on serving niche consumers, who collectively spend more on low-demand items than the public does on “hot” products. This entails an entirely different approach to mission and to marketing than the philosophy traditionally taught in business schools. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, says Anderson’s ideas “influence Google’s strategic thinking in a profound way.”

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