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Andrea Cumbo-Floyd

Charlotte and the Twelve

A teen with a secret. A decades-old murder. Their past could change her future…

Mary Steele never saw the ghosts coming. When the spunky, brilliant teen finds 13 ghosts in an abandoned school, she didn’t expect them to start a conversation with her. It turns out, the baker’s dozen consists of a schoolteacher and 12 students who were killed in the 1950s. And Mary may be the only one who can set them free…

Charged with caring for their stories, Mary must face her fears to piece together what happened to these 13 souls. As she encounters resistance and prejudice, the teen learns that it sometimes takes more than a little courage to change the world. Can Mary save the school and its ghostly inhabitants before it’s too late?

Charlotte and the Twelve is historical fiction for adults and young adults alike. If you like richly researched history, inspiring characters, and sensitive explorations of our cultural past, then you’ll love the first book of the Mary Steele series from Andi Cumbo-Floyd.

Buy Charlotte and the Twelve to take a captivating dive into history today!
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Andrea Cumbo-Floyd
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