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Sandra Hill

The Reluctant Viking

In this marriage in trouble story from a New York Times bestseller, a woman time travels to medieval times and falls for the Viking version of her husband.
The hypnotic voice on the self-motivation tape was supposed to help Ruby Jordan solve her problems, not create new ones. Instead, she was lulled from a failing marriage to an era of hard-bodied warriors and fair maidens.
But the world ten centuries in the past didn’t prove to be all mead and mirth. Ruby had to deal with a Norseman who had her husband’s face, habits, and desire to avoid Ruby. Determined not to lose the same man twice, Ruby planned a bold seduction that would conquer the reluctant Viking—and make him an eager captive of her love.
“Sandra Hill writes stories that tickle the funnybone and touch the heart.” —Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author
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Дата публікації оригіналу
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HarperCollins, Avon
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    🌴У відпустку
    🚀Неможливо відірватися

    This is Must read series if you love vikings and real men and strong women., can’t wait to begin the next book in the series

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  • Sofiaцитує4 роки тому
    “. . . Her brows were bright, her breast was shining, Whiter her neck than new-fallen snow . . .

    Blond was his hair, and bright his cheeks Grim as a snake’s were his glowing eyes . . .”
  • Sofiaцитує4 роки тому
    that’s what real, mature love was all about, Ruby realized. When a man and woman love each other despite their flaws, despite the stumbling blocks life throws their way, that is true love
  • Sofiaцитує4 роки тому
    Ruby whispered, “I love you.” He never returned the words to her, and that tore at her heart, but Ruby said them nonetheless because she was increasingly convinced that no one, not a father or mother, not a child, not even a loved one—no one—had ever said the words to him before. How could any person—man or woman, child or adult—live without ever feeling loved? It was a chilling thought.

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