Paul Chaplin

PSI Die: A Psionic Thriller

Enter, carefully, the hidden world of psionic powers, and their users.
Strange. Intriguing. Dangerous. Powers to move objects, to alter perceptions. To change the fabric of time and space. And the ultimate power: to induce psionic death.
A kidnapping. An inexplicable bank robbery. The corrupted plans of dark psi users.
In the middle, or in some dimension, the engaging mystery who is: Crowley, and his own psi powers.
All happening, not in some sci-fantasy realm or distant middle ages. Psionic events, unveiling here and now, in the streets and alleyways of modern London. The guns are real. Yet, the psi powers more deadly.
The psychologist author has already written multiple non-fiction books about Matrixial Science. With further works on Matrixial Science experiments, and practical healing recipes in Matrixial Therapy. These are already profoundly changing the way we think about ourselves and our world.
Now, in this novella, the author takes to fiction. To explore the realms of what might be. Which are not so very far away, from what science already tells us.
What is invisible is real. And what is most real, is invisible.
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