Peter de Ruiter

The art of bodypainting

Bonus-ebook The art of bodypainting (English)

The Art of Bodypainting contains 120 masterpieces by 45 leading artists from all over the world. This elegant coffee table book presents a refined state-of-the-art collection of images created through the fruitful cooperation between bodypainting artists, photographers and models. A timeless edition, with beautiful, fun and sometimes sensual images.

In separate chapters The Art of Bodypainting takes you through continents and ages, showing how humans have painted their faces and bodies from ancient times to beautify themselves or to bring magical powers. The book contains numerous examples of how bodypainting is used today for art, commerce and to express ideals in books, albums and films. It provides, as well, an extensive list for further reading – and watching.

Become acquainted with The Art of Bodypainting through this bonus-ebook. Send it to all your friends. The bonus-ebook contains 15 of the 120 masterpieces that are featured in the printed edition, clickable to screen size, as well as all of the chapters on history and the use of bodypainting.

The Art of Bodypainting is a showpiece, a guaranteed conversation piece, a display volume and a collector's item. Amaze yourself, amaze your friends.

Technical details
120 masterpieces by 45 artists / page size 240 x 300 mm (9,4' x 11,8') / 128 pages / paper 170 gsm woodfree machine coated / 4/4 full colour printed with offset varnish / sewn hardcover with dust jacket / ISBN 978 94 90848 408 / March 2012
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Рік виходу видання
Pixel Perfect Publications
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