Peter de Ruiter

Holland, as we see it

Holland, as we see it This striking photo ebook about Holland is the labour of love of 140 Dutch photographers who spend most of their free time capturing the towns and landscapes of their country in the best light. Altogether they present you with a multicolored image of a country known for its cheese, tulips and windmills.

But of course there is much more to discover: the woods, the sea, the animals, the seasons, the architecture and the people themselves. They are all in this ebook,accompanied by fragments of history about a country that lingers in your memory – just as the 165 photos in this book will.

On an iPad, tap twice to see all photos screen size.

'Holland, as we see it' is also published as a hard back in three languages: English, German and Dutch (Holland met eigen ogen, isbn 9789038921365) and as separate ebooks in Dutch (Holland met eigen ogen, isbn 9789490848552)and
German (Holland, mit unseren Augen, isbn 9789490848576)

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