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Summary: Switch – Chip and Dan Heath

This ebook offers a summary of the book “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath. Why is change so hard, even when we know it's necessary? Our rational mind often fights with our emotional mind, because the latter prefers instant gratification and the former is better at longterm planning. Chip and Dan Heath have created a matrix for making change that's compelling: they suggest that the best way to change is to 1. Engage the rational mind – by providing crystalclear direction. 2. Motivate the emotional mind – give yourself a taste of what you will feel once you change and 3. Blueprint the path ahead – make your environment facilitate the change you want.

Switch breaks down these points into steps that are easy to understand and follow. They use reallife, persuasive examples to back up their thinking. For example: the town of Howard, South Dakota was run down. A report was suggested that if everyone spent 10% of their income at home they could increase the viability of Howard by $7million. (They did, demonstrating point 1. of the Heath's theory.)

Overall, Switch is a realistic, logical guide to navigating change and exploiting it fully. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople looking to create and implement the best, profitable changes will find this book interesting and informative.
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