Juliana Baldec

Daily Meditations: Basic Meditation Techniques & Meditation Affirmation + Exercises

Why this no-fail meditation for beginners lifestyle system works for you and brings you great energy, healthy and happiness in an easy & effortless way and even if you only have less than 5 minutes per day because you are a busy person? LIMITED-TIME SPECIAL: Special Bonus Inside! That's right…For a limited time you can download “Even More Blissful & Enlightening Meditation Moments” with your purchase of this 2 in 1 Box Set Compilation! That's triple the fun! Alecandra Baldec and her sister Juliana Baldec joined writing forces for this 2 in 1 Book Set meditation compilation and you benefit from one low prize instead of having to buy the two books separately and for a higher prize. Book 1: The Daily Meditation Ritual Lifestyle (Easy & Effortless Meditation System & 5 Minute Quick) Book 2: Zen Is Like You (5 Minute Quick & Easy Meditation Affirmations & Poems)
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Дата публікації оригіналу
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