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Anthony McLean

Introducing Persuasion

Make other people say 'Yes'! Yes to your requests. Yes to your ideas. Yes to your products. Yes to your proposals.
A Practical Guide to Persuasion uses psychology,
expert advice and practical techniques to teach you how to influence the people
around you in an ethical way.
Learn how to increase your presence, by knowing when to talk and when to listen; develop a strategy of success, by preparing, planning and crafting
opportunities and make change happen by understanding what drives your
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    change will occur over an extended period of time with numerous interactions in order to achieve the desired outcome.
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    By undertaking this process you identify, confirm and use Ishmael’s intrinsic motivators to overcome his singular negative focus on the leader. You change the way he thinks about the new role by drawing his attention to the opportunity, the meeting of his goals and criteria, the professional development involved and the scarcity of it coming up again.
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    Persuasion, therefore, is the process whereby one person communicates a message to another in an attempt to change the way that person feels, thinks or acts in relation to something or someone.

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