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Bob Scott

How to Deal with A Narcissist

This book is focused on teaching you how to cope, control and challenge people with narcissistic personality. Yes, you don’t need to get rid of them completely, all you need is to apply the simple strategies and you will begin to cultivate a relationship based on the benefit of knowing this person.

Even if this person is your boss, employee, student, teacher, or parent, the strategies will help you cope with them and even get them to do their best in pleasing you instead of pleasing themselves all the time.

In fact, you will begin to love them for who they are and actually admire some of the qualities they have as people. You will discover the good, charismatic, and fun side of them. You will begin to derive real pleasure from relating with them, even as you control the situation. When other people are avoiding this people, you will begin to cultivate reasonable relationship with them and in the end get the value of your effort.

You will also learn:

-Principles of power (surviving a narcissist)

-Healing from a narcissist abuse

-Strategies for living with a narcissist husband

-How to deal with a covert narcissist mother

-Overcoming narcissist behavior in a relationship

-How an empath can deal with a narcissist

-How to deal with the silent treatment from a narcissist

And much more…
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