Yury Lee,Dustin Hunchak

Grammar Rules Made Funny (2): How to Improve Your Spoken and Written American Business English

You want to speak and write business English like an American, right? You have been working hard, sometimes very hard, to learn English. Yet, somehow you still lack confidence in your English. Why? My more than 20 years of teaching English keep telling me that there are two things missing in your English. Which two?

1. What is American English?
2. What are the common verbs (used by American business people)?

In answering these two questions, this book gives you grammar rules that are funny but useful, making your learning faster and easier.

You will understand how (American) English works: how English makes sentences, what American English is, and what verbs American businessmen use. With these funny grammar rules, you will have better negotiation skills (e.g. how to ask for a pay rise), and better presenting skills (e.g. how to use complex sentences in your presentation). You will also speak office English like an American, and write better business letters and emails.
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