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Kent Lamarc

How to Sexually Attract Women

This book intends to show guidelines about what to do and say to make a woman feel sexually attracted. They were compiled through conversations with several women from different countries, regarding how men sexually aroused them.
Surely, there are many creative ways to attract women and the internet if full of hints and tips about how to do it. This book intends to merely describe the most common, the ones that most men are comfortable with.
The content is divided in 4 sections: attraction with questions, behaviors, descriptions and activities. And it includes 100 tips in total, regarding how to stimulate women’s imagination to the point of making them beg for sex almost instantly.
Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that there’s a suitable strategy for each type of woman, as they can all be very different, and what works for one may repel another. Even though there are some common dominators among people, the personality can be determinant in deciding the results. Knowing how a woman thinks is the most important starting point when creating a good relationship leading to her fantasies.
On top of this, these methods cannot apply alone without a proper application of confidence, timing and humor. Therefore, they are suitable only for the one that has such attributes.
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