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69 Sex Positions

69 Sex Positions — 69 Nights of Pleasure Sex Guide

Has your sex life quickly become routine or non-existent? Wish you knew a way to revive it and find your way back to the pleasures you know are possible in the bedroom? 69 Sex Positions is sure to give you 69 nights of pleasure to surprise your significant other.
69 Sex Positions is much more than just a list of positions. It’s a Practical Sex Guide in which you’ll find 69 distinct positions, each with an image and detailed instructions. Variations and tips are offered along the way.
In this Book You Will Learn About:
•Sexual Health
•Oral Sex
•Vaginal Sex
•Anal Sex

Written for couples to enjoy the greatest pleasure on earth. 69 Sex Positions offers something for everyone interested in spicing up their sex life for 69 nights of exquisite pleasure. You’ll soon find yourself anxious to put your newfound knowledge into action and take your partner on a ride they will never forget!

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