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Speed Reading For Beginners

Speed reading has been a skill peddled by experts putting it on the spotlight. The claim is that speed readers can read up to 1000— 1700 words in a minute while the average person reads 200 to 400 words. The only way to understand if these claims are true is by looking at the different techniques used in speed reading. And this book can help you with that.
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    Not much actual informations about how to speed up your reading, basic thoughts.

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    Try to create question that the read should answer as you proceed with your reading. Writing down specific questions will help you read with a goal in mind
    It is important to adjust your speed based on the material type. Speed u of the easy materials like those found in magazines and slow down on technical content that needs to be comprehended deeply. In addition, if you have a familiarity with the content you are reading then you must push yourself to read faster. You should also adjust your speed based on the purpose of reading. You may not have to read very slowly if your purpose is to get the basic concepts of the read. You need to push yourself through material of this nature although a lot of detail may make your vision blurry hence the need to slow down.
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    You should start by reading the

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