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Bobby Fischer for Beginners

Everything you always wanted to know about world chess champion Bobby Fischer, complete with easily accessible examples of his chess playing style, in one compact and very readable volume. His youth in Brooklyn, his astonishing career, his many conflicts, his girlfriends and his tragic death in exile in Iceland in 2008: it is all there. You don?t need to be an accomplished chess player to be thrilled by the triumph and the tragedy of this lone genius.
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    Garry Kasparov called Bobby Fischer the first real chess professional in his book My Great Predecessors
    Вера Без-Анфисыцитує5 років тому
    And then I think once you start distrusting your own mind you’re finished. From there you just get more and more confused. Once you think that your own mind is not your friend any more – your own conscience and your own mind is not your friend – then I think you are on your way to insanity. You have been stripped bare. All your defenses are gone.’
    Вера Без-Анфисыцитує5 років тому
    I’ve never had to think about my goal. My whole life I’ve known what I wanted. To become World Champion. Well, that’s what I am now. So what now? (...) As a chess player you don’t have any actual feeling with real life – you don’t have to go to your job and you don’t have to mix with people at that level. I have considered stopping now and then, but I always thought: “What should I do then?

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