Davide Appi

The Gospel Of Peace. You Will Save The World

A BOOK DEDICATED TO HOPE Humanity is at a crossroads between self-destruction and change. Are you negative and pessimistic? Do you feel uneasy about the future? Are you unhappy because of your daily problems, not to mention wars, crises and pollution? I will give you many reasons to become positive, peaceful and able to achieve peace beyond imagination! I will take you on a fantastic journey into your own mind, to go beyond it. In fact, the ordinary mind thinks it can change things, but it cannot. That is why we never solve our own problems and those of the planet. But how do we go beyond the mind to generate real change? Meditation is the main tool to change ourselves and the world around us. We can stop wars, we can stop crime, there is no limit to what we can do. The Maharishi effect, which has been scientifically studied many times, shows that with the power of our intention and meditation, we can actually do something in terrible situations, such as armed conflicts, violence, and crime. And if it works for the most extreme cases, this means that even in less tragic situations, such as our daily lives, we have a much greater margin of intervention in events close to us than we are used to believing. A limited number of street lamps are needed to illuminate the streets of an entire city, just as 1% of the population of a city, of a nation, or of the entire planet, who are able to reach a state of deep meditation, are enough to bring light and remove the darkness from consciousness. A small group of awakened people are enough to irradiate and enlighten all other people, who will unconsciously change their way of thinking and acting. Does all this sound like science fiction, too good to be true? Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you are still right. Since the Universe is subjective, our way of believing the world, our beliefs, becomes our reality. What we are and what we think spreads and reflects throughout the Universe. Do you realise the implications of this? With our thinking we not only influence ourselves, but also the environment we live in, our planet, and even the entire Universe. We are a miniature Universe, but a hologram of the Whole, and we embody the infinite possibilities of the Universe itself.
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