Davide Appi

The Gospel Of Peace. What You Are The World Is. Your Transformation Changes The World

Love will always triumph over Evil The world is ruled by a handful of Super Rich. These, in their short-sighted management of the planet, are leading Humanity to its own self-destruction. The problem is that the same destructive dynamics, typical of the egoic mind that dominate the Universal Masters, also dwell in us common mortals, so on a smaller scale we are all co-responsible for the current situation. Do we want to continue on this path, remaining in our 'old ego', and thus become passive accomplices of Humanity's self-destruction? Or do we want to be protagonists of the global Awakening of Consciousness, to head towards a New Promised Land, save ourselves from the nuclear holocaust, and build the Earthly Paradise? But how to ”Be the change we want to see realised in the world?” Meditation and daily good deeds, are direct routes to Happiness and World Peace. When we are in meditation and we reach the state of enlightenment, then we feel a force within us that is not of this world, an unlimited trust thanks to which we fear nothing, not even a possible atomic holocaust, and we perceive something that cannot be described in words, a sense of well-being, Peace and unconditional Love, and all this turns into a universal force capable of uniting all the consciousnesses that populate the Infinite Universe. If we perceive this Love within us, we already become immortal, as we are destined to fly away to the stars, should self-destructive collective unconsciousness prevail on this planet. In the final analysis we can affirm: Love always triumphs, even in the case of self-destruction, if it does not win here it will win elsewhere, in fact as Giordano Bruno said, there are Infinite peopled worlds, in which Peace reigns forever and ever.
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