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Karen Dolby

Queen Elizabeth II's Guide to Life

A timely celebration of the many attributes our Queen brings to the nation — fortitude, stoicism, diplomacy, family values, sense of fun and style among them.

Queen Elizabeth II — Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and the Head of the Commonwealth — has reigned over us for a record-breaking sixty-seven years. Now in her ninety-fourth year, this timely celebration sheds new light on the myriad attributes and personal qualities she brings to the nation.

From fortitude in the face of adversity to standing as the nation’s ambassador all over the world, no one could doubt the work ethic that powers this remarkable woman, even into her nineties. Equally, her love of family — from her rock of over sixty years’ marriage, Prince Philip, to her great grandchildren — shines through. But what are the secrets of her success? How does she still approach her day-to-day with such vitality and aplomb, even when culture and society are changing rapidly all around her?

The Queen on fame: When an MP commented that it must be a strain meeting so many strangers all the time, the Queen smiled, ‘It is not as difficult as it might seem. You see, I don’t have to introduce myself. They all seem to know who I am.’

The Queen on fashion: In the late sixties when Mary Quant and the mini skirt came to epitomize all that was fashionable, Princess Anne suggested her mother might also consider shortening her hemline. The Queen was adamant, ‘I am not a film star.’

The Queen on family: As Great Britain’s most famous great grandmother, it is no surprise that the Queen values family life. ‘Marriage gains from the web of family relationships between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles.’

In this book Karen Dolby unpicks the key elements that make the Queen so special to — and so loved by — the nation and presents a guide to how you too could put into practice some of Her Majesty’s traits to help overcome adversity, find inner strength and present yourself as wonderfully considered and calm, even when all about you seems in chaos.
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    I learned a lot of Royal Family and there historical figures

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    Too short but easy to read)


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    An Array of Royal Duties
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    Early in her reign, the young Elizabeth confided to the Dean of Windsor, ‘My father told me I must always remember that whatever I said, or did, to anyone, they would remember it.’
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    The Queen and Prince Philip have introduced a number of green initiatives at their royal residences, including setting up hydropower turbines on the River Thames to generate electricity for Windsor Castle. Ahead of the curve in their care for the environment, Prince Philip especially has spoken openly about his concerns: ‘Modern human civilization needs new resources, but there is one very important proviso – that permanent, irreversible or unacceptable levels of environmental damage must not be allowed.’

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