Florian Hoffmann

Our New World

The pandemic, the climate crisis, work — today's world isn't short of challenges. Social injustice. And technology that is slowly but steadily creeping into every aspect of our lives. But what if the answers to the big questions aren't found in simplistic technocracy or a mood of the-end-is-nigh?

Florian Hoffmann is a founder and social entrepreneur. For years, he has been talking to, and working with, people around the world who, like himself, want to make a contribution to a more sustainable, fairer and positive future.

In Our New World (Die Neue Welt), he takes the reader on an expedition to the places and people that have already arrived in this future: young entrepreneurs, innovators, founders and leaders who are courageously shaping a better world.

Florian Hoffmann demonstrates the huge potential for creating a better future today. He visits places and people around the world, where courage and imagination have already paved the way for the world of tomorrow. Beacons for the way ahead, these role models encourage readers to take their own steps into the New World. Many are breaking down the border between earning money and making a positive contribution, and are asking, more generally: What impact can I have, now and in the future? How can my success offer others new chances?

The journalist Saba is fighting for girls' and women's right in Pakistan. Niall dumps his high-flying job to find a solution for microplastics pollutions. Lily wants to inspire people to take up life-long learning — and develops scenarios for what future jobs might look like. These are some of the many diverse voices who believe in a better future.
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