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There has been a quiet revolution in the way we work. The days of the salaried employee are over. In the future you will work with several organizations simultaneously, and the work contract will be limited in time to specific projects. You will be your own employer, and you may distribute work to other people in your family. Family and work relationships will be completely changed. There will be no more pensions – you must manage your own financial affairs. Loyalty to the organization will cease to exist – your loyalty will be to you and your family. If you invest in yourself you have a future, and if not you will be left behind. This book explains how this revolution happened and how you can take advantage of it.
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    This has a lot to do with size. Plato had his doubts that a democracy could be maintained past a certain size.
    Sam, Sarah, or Rachel can perform many of the functions needed to complete the “Bask” project, and if they do not have the time, interest or skills, the Stones control a budget which allows them to subcontract work. The outcome is that work on the project should enrich the family life rather than impoverish it.
    the Stones adjust the work to what they want to do, rather than adjusting themselves to the work. This allows them to divorce from the notion of sacrifice. The fact that compensation is tied to results rather than any input such as hours of work allows them maximum flexibility, not only in terms of when to work but also in terms of who does the work.

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