Marion Williamson

The Little Book of Astrology

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Are you headstrong and impatient? Can you see both sides of an argument in a balanced way? Do you often find yourself swimming in circles while trying to make a decision? These character traits could actually be written in the stars. The Little Book of Astrology delves into each of the astrological signs and shows you how to interpret the cosmos, not only day-to-day but far ahead into the future. Let this book shine a light on how the stars can reveal a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
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    If your Sun sign is your core personality, your Rising sign is your own self-image, or the personality you choose to present to the world. Usually when you meet someone at a party you first encounter their Rising sign because that’s the side of their personality they’re most comfortable to project.
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    Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, recognised astrology as a form of ‘synchronicity’ or ‘meaningful coincidence’.
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    Gemini Moon’s lesson: Because of the dual-nature of this sign, the people a Gemini Moon person are attracted to physically, may not be who they are most compatible with emotionally.

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