Michel Gauquelin

The Scientific Basis of Astrology

Can the Stars determine our future?Millions of people believe so. And as a matter of scientific fact, it is more reasonable to assume astral influences on the human body than to believe that the human mind can control the activity of a single finger!Even people how pride themselves on their rationality will take an occasional look at their horoscope in the newspaper. but both doubters and believers will be startled by this book about man and the heavens, a book which one advance review call "a first-of-its-kind book: a serious and comprehensive look — from historical and scientific angles — at the ancient but still influential pseudoscience of astrology."As often happens, the examination of an old set of myths has led to the establishment of a new set of facts, fact which show that there are certain unexplained but close connections between man and the solar system.A study of several thousand celebrities reveals astonishing astrological parallels between their birth skies and their subsequent careers; a Japanese scientist discovers a striking change in the blood of pregnant women at sunrise; recent health surveys reveal a definite solar influence on the health and sickness of thousands of people. These are just a few of the findings of scientists of international repute discussed in this fascinating book.
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