A Joosr Guide to Zero to One by Peter Thiel

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What makes one startup a billion-dollar company while others fail to make it out of the starting gate? Find out why innovation is the key to startup success, and what common mistakes you can avoid to ensure entrepreneurial victory.

Zero to One is an innovators guide to becoming a business success by thinking differently to the mediocrities and failures. It discusses the pitfalls of competition, the absolute necessity of creative monopolies, and the dangers of adopting globalization over technological innovation. By learning to rethink common misconceptions about business in order to create new things, you can become a startup success.

You will learn:

· Why the notion of luck is undermining your chances of startup success

· What competition actually does to weaken capitalism in the world of business and how you can defeat it

· How to protect your creative monopoly once you have established it.
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    MSotirovділиться враженнямторік

    Amazing summary of the book.

    Ibrahimділиться враженням6 років тому

    Very interested summary.

    Sasha Rubashenkoділиться враженням4 роки тому
    👎Не раджу


    Anastasiia Kondratskaцитує4 роки тому
    Shape your own future by making a plan and focusing in on your goals early. Then you will be able to hone the specific skillset you need, gather the right people, find the right market for a monopoly, and protect that monopoly with careful planning and effective action. Success is the result of intention, and if any luck is involved it is the luck that you make for yourself.
    Anastasiia Kondratskaцитує4 роки тому
    What should be most important to you is the growth and profit you will make in the future, and there are four things you need to stay on the right track: branding, proprietary technology, economies of scale, and network effects.
    Yulia Ogorodnikovaцитує5 років тому
    The whole purpose of creating new ideas and technology is to take yourself out of the competition. When you compete, you can’t make as much profit.

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