Jacky Fitt

How to Get Inside Someone's Mind and Stay There: The business owner's guide to content marketing and confident copywriting

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Aimed at the busy business owners and managers, this easy to read, practical guide to content marketing and good copywriting demystifies and explores content marketing and how best to use it for advantage and profit.
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    Listen to your customer. Listen to your colleagues, partners and associates. Listen to wider world changes, innovations and trends. Take notes. Think about it. Write about it.

    People are telling us what they want all the time, all around us. It’s well worth talking less and listening more. And originality? That is yours; your voice and message to inform, sell and inspire others; enough for them to wonder where you get all your good ideas from.
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    Edit checks

    1. Does it make sense? Information and comment following in the right order?

    2. Does it do the job? Check in with your wider marketing/content strategy and AIDEA, check back with Chapter 12 for a recap.

    3. Could ease of reading be helped by shorter sentences, sub headings and/or more paragraphs?

    4. Weed out repetition and unnecessary words and phrases.

    5. Have you got the tone and style right for your key customer?

    6. Proofread for errors of grammar, typos and spelling mistakes.

    7. Is the title compelling enough?

    8. Is the call to action clear enough?

    9. Use the Flesch Reading Ease stats to check readability. See Chapter 18 for a reminder on readability tools.
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    Don’t ever try to sell me on anything. Give me ALL the information and I’ll make my own decision.”

    Thank you, Kanye.

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