Will Harris

Messiah Question

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For the last two thousand years, three unanswerable questions have perplexed Jewish religious scholars:  When will Messiah appear? (Jews, in general, do not believe He has come.)Why were the Jews dispersed from their nation for two thousand years? (Israel’s statehood was only recently restored, in 1948.)When in the biblical timeline does Messiah appear? (Again, most Jews are still waiting for Messiah to come the first time.)  The Messiah Question answers each question by exploring the Tanakh (Jewish Bible), historical rabbinical commentary, “Latter Scriptures” (New Testament), and Bible prophecies, explaining Messiah’s appearance in both the Tanakh and rabbinical texts.   Thus The Messiah Question is a great witnessing tool for Messianic Jews or Gentile believers seeking to reach unbelieving Jews for Yeshua (Jesus). It will amplify your knowledge of the Old Testament and fortify your faith in God’s plan for humanity.
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