Amelia Long

Fruit infused water

Drinking water is crucial to life. The body cannot function without it. Water keeps you hydrated, eliminates toxins, carries nutrients to the cells, provides a moist environment for tissues and beautifies the skin.
However, for most people, drinking water is a chore which they unintentionally avoid and consequently consume an inadequate amount needed for the body. Again, sugar-filled juices, sodas and fizzy drinks just don’t cut it.
“Fruit Infused Water: 77 Refreshing Vitamin Fruit Infusion Water Recipes For A Healthier You” will make it easier for you to drink the amount of water your body requires daily. This book will teach you how to turn plain water into a delicious and refreshing drink that you will never get tired of drinking. With fresh fruits, herbs and spices, you are on your way to making and enjoying fruit infusion recipes that are packed with vitamins, essential minerals and other micronutrients.
Fruit infused waters are healthy, nutritious and refreshing. They are pleasurable alternatives to drinking water. They are also healthy alternative to sugar-based juice or pop. It is time you broke your addiction to juices and pop that are filled with chemicals. It is time you also began to get the needed hydration through a healthy and flavorful infusion of fruits and herbs. It is time you maintained a healthier body.
It Is Time You Bought This Book!
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