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Astrology Aspects For Beginners

Astrology is a study related to the influence of celestial objects on human lives and affairs. The positions and movements of sun, moon, stars and planets had a certain kind of effect on the personalities of individuals, their relationships and their overall routine matters. Predicting these effects through the symbols is what astrology is all about.
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    Vedic astrology has six main types:
    Gola relates to determining the position of sun, moon, stars and planet.
    Ganitais used to describe or analyze the effects of celestial bodies.
    Jakata is based around the accurate predictions about an individual’s life.
    Prasnais related to answering the questions.
    Muhurta is deciding the appropriate time for starting an event or something else.
    Nimitta revolves around the omens, signs and their description.
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    It was the Al Fazari who invented Istorable, a device used by astrologists to locate the position of celestial objects (sun, moon, stars and planets), for matching it with the earthly time and for horoscope predictions
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    A Roman citizen, Claudius Ptolemy was believed to be the pioneer of western astrology

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