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Introducing the Enlightenment

“Introducing The Enlightenment” is the essential guide to the giants of the Enlightenment — Voltaire, Diderot, Adam Smith, Samuel Johnson, Immanuel Kant, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. The Enlightenment of the 18th century was a crucial time in human history — a vast moral, scientific and political movement, the work of intellectuals across Europe and the New World, who began to free themselves from despotism, bigotry and superstition and tried to change the world. “Introducing The Enlightenment” is a clear and accessible introduction to the leading thinkers of the age, the men and women who believed that rational endeavour could reveal the secrets of the universe.
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    Pierre Coste, who in 1700 translated Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding, inserted a note to explain why he translated Locke’s term “consciousness” by the French conscience. First he cites Cicero’s conscientia (“moral awareness”, “knowledge of oneself”) but admits that he is “diverting” the French word conscience “from its ordinary sense, in order to give it one which has never been given it in [the French] Language”.
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    Locke’s empiricism distinguished two different kinds of experience: external sensation and internal reflection.

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