Monica Murphy

Slow Play

He’s the player of all players…
Newly broke girl Alexandria Asher just wants to live a normal life. After her parents are sent to prison on embezzlement charges, she enrolls in college under her mother’s maiden name and tries her best to pretend she’s someone else.
Tristan Prescott is everything Alex is trying to avoid. A seemingly egotistical, lazy, rich jerk, she dumps her beer on his head when he comes on to her one night at a party. This only spurs Tristan into action. He loves nothing more than a challenge. And the beautiful Alex is exactly the type of challenge that intrigues him.
Despite her reluctance, Alex finds herself quickly involved with Tristan. Underneath that playboy exterior is a good guy, a sweet and sexy guy who she is undoubtedly falling for. What they both don’t realize is the actions of Alex’s parents are the reason for so much tragedy in Tristan’s family. And when Tristan discovers who Alex and her family really is, can he forgive and forget?
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    Pradishma Nagvekarцитуєторік
    ade frowns. “Why not?”

    Because my mother drilled it into my head from a young age that sugar is the devil. That anything that tastes or feels good
    Putri Kusumawardhaniцитує2 місяці тому
    That anything that tastes or feels good is really bad for you.
    b7778037636цитує7 місяців тому
    His blunt and twisted honesty is somehow working on me. “And what do you want?”

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