Bart Clarysse,Sabrina Kiefer

The Smart Entrepreneur (Part I: Idea creation and evaluation)

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The Smart Entrepreneur features real-life case studies as well as in-depth analysis by authors with direct experience of developing start-ups and venture coaching. Also available as a full ebook and print edition, here The Smart Entrepreneur has been divided into four mini-manuals: Idea creation and evaluation; From idea to business proposition; Proof of concept; and Marshalling resources. Each section offers practical advice and guidance to cover all aspects of your venture, from building a smart business proposition to assembling a dynamic team, carrying out affordable yet effective market research and seeking investment. Part I looks at how business ideas are matched with credible opportunities, whether you're starting from a perceived market or from a tecnology or competence that you'd like to commercialise. We emphasise the importance of considering a range of possibilities and evaluating each new idea with respect to existing alternatives already on the market, and perhaps modifying or improving it accordingly.
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    Just basic info which could be found at internet

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    Your solution is the thing you’ll sell, which may be a product, service or combination of the two, or possibly a platform technology that will be turned into products by others.
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    Entrepreneurial attitude’ has also come to be considered a positive attribute in high-level job seekers.
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    to outline your opportunity and your solution.

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