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Great Work, Great Career

Great Work, Great Career — NEW Interactive Edition

As we live through successive economic earthquakes that shake the core of our society, it can be difficult to maintain one's footing. Still, Covey argues there is a positive side to these tumultuous times, provided one is willing to take a chance and go with it. Welcome this wild and demanding new world and embrace the opportunities it presents.

Covey tells us, don't just settle for a job; you want a great job.
Great Work, Great Career — NEW Interactive Edition can help you find that great job and beyond that, a whole career. You will learn how to:

• Create your own career opportunities and make a real difference in a terrific job of your choosing

• Define your unique strengths and the exact niche in the market that you can fulfill

• Build relationships with key support people

• Create an outstanding resume

• and more

Stephen R. Covey is perhaps the most respected business thinker of our time, and his associate Jennifer Colosimo bring us this thorough handbook for anyone who is seeking a job and a more fulfilling career. Their work is full of indispensable advice and tools.work is full of indispensable advice and tools.
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    People who are only looking for a job have résumés. People who are looking to make a great career have Contribution Statements.
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    Your great career starts, as Peter Hawkins and Nick Smith say, “when you stop asking questions such as ‘How do I get promoted?’ and start asking ‘What is the difference I want to make? What is the legacy I want to leave?
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    A great career is all about solving great problems, meeting great challenges, and making great contributions.

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