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Summary: Be a Real Estate Millionaire Dean Graziosi

This work offers a summary of “Be a Real Estate Millionaire” by Dean Graziosi. For once a book claiming that making wealth can be easier than it sounds! Dean Graziosi is a firm believer that anyone can make sound investments in real estate as long as he or she has a strong understanding of the market cycle. Typically when the market is on the rise, people buy properties, fix them up and sell them for a huge profit. When the market is going down, investors buy properties cheaply and hold on to them until the market rises again and they can sell for profit. The hardest part of the whole process is simply getting started. Graziosi makes the claim that real estate is “not rocket science” and that, contrary to common belief, “it doesn't take money to make money in real estate, just determination.” With this little summary in your back pocket you can be well on your way to building the solid foundations of your real estate fortune.
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