Jacky Tai

Brand Zero: The complete branding guide for start -ups

If you are thinking of starting up a business — whether online or in a pushcart or a small café — you need to look into your branding. (how does it work, anyway?), brace yourself…According to Jacky Tai, you should start your branding exercise as early as possible. Brand Zero distils the author’s wealth of experience in grappling with branding strategies in the real world into a practical and easy-to-understand guide anyone.About the AuthorsFor a decade, Jacky Tai headed the marking departments for several companies in the United States and Singapore before he joined International Enterprise Singapore. Heading its branding initiatives, Tai developed revolutionary training programmes that helped various companies — from innovative start-ups to established players — to better understand branding strategies. Jacky is currently Principal Consultant in StrategiCom, a B2B branding specialist
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    to be guided by a properly sorted brand strategy
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    Jacky subscribes to Peter Drucker’s view that a business has only two basic functions, namely marketing and innovation.
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує5 місяців тому
    These rules of naming have been published in the book Get A Name! 10 Rules To Create A Great Brand Name. Prior to writing Brand Zero, Jacky also authored B2B: 10 Rules To Transform Your Business Into A Brand.

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