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Summary of Never Split The Difference

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Disclaimer: This compact read was made for the intention of only enhancing your reading experience of the original book. This summary is not meant to replace the original book.

Great negotiators are not born, they are made. There is a lot of misinformation about negotiation which explains why most of us, unfortunately, are rather lacking when it comes to negotiating. This affects our lives more than we might think: personal life, social life, professional life – you name it!

If you feel that you need to hone your negotiation and persuasion skills, then “Never Split the difference” by Chris Vooks is what you need to get your hands on. This is a guided summary of one of the best sellers which will take you through all the pertinent points mentioned by Vooks in his book.

The summary includes a detailed list of everything you will ever need to be the master negotiator. It is split into 3 sections sandwiched by 9 Empathy principles. From learning about Voss’ famed history as an F.B.I hostage negotiating agent to learning about mirroring, labelling, eliciting “that’s right” and giving the other party a sense of illusory control, this guided summary has it all.

Whether you want to persuade your friends to play tennis instead of soccer, or negotiate salary with your employer, negotiation will always come in useful. Do yourself a favour and take your emotional intelligence levels and negotiation skills to a level you would have never dreamed was even possible!

If you are tight on time, forget what you read after a week or so or maybe you just prefer to digest knowledge easily, this summary is meant for you.
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