Robin Sacredfire

The Laws of the Great Architect: The Perfectly Chaotic Path of Personal Transformation in the Manifestation of Our Dreams

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Most people want to change their life, change themselves, change their destiny, and achieve a higher quality of living. They want to, basically, conquer their dreams. Nevertheless, they often fail for reasons that transcend them. For the vast majority, the world is nothing more than a big amount of beliefs, among which we can only pick some, try them and fail, not really knowing which one is the right one. But within this type of experience, enlightenment seems like a very distant goal, maybe even impossible. And yet, every single experience we encounter, teaches us that we’re supposed to learn from anyone, including, and especially, from the ones that challenge us the most. Along this line of thought, the purpose of this book consists in showing you how to make decisions and which things govern our success and failure when we need to make radical transformations within ourselves and our environment. The laws exposed here are based on the principle of perfect chaos, the idea of Saint Thomas Aquinas, when he stated that
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