Michele Rosenthal

Heal Your PTSD

Self-Help Measures to Supplement PTSD RecoveryHow self-empowerment and committing to change can help readers get over trauma in recovery.
From an author with a history of ptsd. Following a critical illness, Michele Rosenthal struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for twenty-five years. Now, a post-trauma coach and award-winning writer, Rosenthal shares the program that helped her and others.
Recovering from trauma in a new way. Trauma and recovery have never been easy, and with different trauma disorders, there is no one solution. Whether it’s psychological trauma or emotional trauma, by exerting self and emotional control, readers can examine how, when, and in what way to move toward recovery.
Self-treat and connect to your own beliefs. Find stages and exercises to build a flexible, unique system that strengthens trauma recovery. Inside, learn how to:
Connect to your own power and authentic selfApply self-help measures like mindfulness and meditationHandle trauma symptoms and recovery obstaclesIf books like The Body Keeps the ScoreThe Complex PTSD Workbook, and Your Life After Trauma helped you through recovery, then Heal Your PTSD is your next read.
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    Healing is about re-creating who you are and rebuilding your life.

    The modus operandi (M.O.) of every survivor is to create an environment and sensation of being safe and in control. You're working very hard at doing that—which is why you're feeling such an enormous amount of stress.
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    learning to feel safe even when you don't have the ultimate control, and learning to be in control even when you don't feel safe.

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