Rajender Menen

The Healing Power of Mudras

This book details several beneficial Mudras, and provides a holistic view of physical and spiritual healing. The right colours, foods, thoughts and ambience combined with regular Mudra-practice will make for a new and healthy you! #v&spublishers
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  • Félix Huitzilliділиться враженням5 років тому

    Muy bueno, para todos los que están interesados en la salud humana y en el uso de las energías sutiles, este libro será de gran ayuda.


  • Natalia Lunaцитує4 роки тому
    Gyan Mudra is equally simple and effective. “Gently touch the thumb with the index finger. This will help in improving the power of the mind.
  • mariocteranцитує10 місяців тому
    Mudras in martial arts were supposed to generate spiritual focus and power, which helped the student immensely.
  • mariocteranцитує10 місяців тому
    Practise of some Mudras on a regular basis can cure insomnia, arthritis and memory loss.

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