John Green

Strategic Planning and Innovation

For many years, the Federal and State Governments have requested that there be more accountability for the operations of America’s for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. While there are many different reasons for these public concerns, a high percentage of the for-pro t and not-for-pro t organizations do not have an effective strategic planning process that embraces innovation, and is fully integrated with an organization’s budgeting process. A classic example of this neglect is the General Motors Corporation, where they escaped bankruptcy by getting bailed out by the Federal Government. When any organization is headed for bankruptcy, their strategic planning and innovation, and budgeting processes should have been a strong signal and early warning sign that the organization has serious financial problems.  These early warning signs are built into an effective strategic planning and innovation, and budgeting processes, which provides management with the urgent signals they need to take corrective action-NOW.  This publication was written to assist companies and organizations in developing and maintaining an effective strategic planning, innovation, and budgeting system which will provide management with the necessary information to effectively manage a successful organization. Let us show you how strategic planning works, and we guarantee your success.
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