John Green

He Will Love You More Than Anything Beg To Be With You If You Do This One Thing

The strategies in this book are not really secrets necessarily, but they are not the obvious ones that you hear every day, which are, feed them and have sex with them.

This isn't saying that they don't exist; that you don't need to do them. Those are obvious and doesn't need any more explanation.

There are some things that many women do not know that are the keys to a man's heart. These things lead you to a point in a man's life where he doesn't just want you in it; He needs you there.

These strategies will keep your man happy and in love with you; help you generate that feeling of love for yourself after the honeymoon period in the relationship wears off.

Love is a feeling that you have that will come and go. That feeling ebbs and wanes with the quality of the relationship, with the state of your mood, with what is going on in your life. The feelings we have are the waves or the tide that come in, and then they go out.

Love is a decision that you make on a daily basis, that you are going to be a person of love, and you're going to show up as a person of love in that relationship.

The average woman wants to wait until they feel love to then act lovingly. They wait until they feel love to give the person a hug. They wait until they feel love to give the person a compliment. Waiting until they feel love to want to spend time with that person, where the reverse is actually true.

When you act loving first, then the feelings of love follows. Its one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned in my life. I'm going to give you these strategies for how to ignite that feeling of love and keep your man happy.
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