Gwendolyn M Plano

Letting Go into Perfect Love

Inspiring and unforgettable, Letting Go into Perfect Love is a riveting account of a journey through the terror of domestic violence to a faith that transforms all. As a college administrator, Gwendolyn M. Plano lived her professional life in a highly visible and accountable space--but as a wife and mother, behind closed doors, she and her family experienced unpredictable threat. Every nine seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten--but to Gwen, this was her secret; it was her shame.
Alternately heart-wrenching and joyful, this is a story of triumph over adversity--one woman's uplifting account of learning how to forgive the unforgiveable, recover her sense of self, bring healing into her family, and honor the journey home. Accompanied by glimpses of celestial beings, Gwen charts a path through sorrow to joy--and ultimately, writes of the one perfect love we all seek.
Gwen's story is heartbreakingly familiar. It provides insight into the phenomenon of domestic violence. Understanding that murky world may provide the reader with the skills to help his or her sister or friend or neighbor. Whether victim or friend, readers will be inspired by the author's courage.
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  • Mikie Jonesцитує3 роки тому
    I realized my participation in some of the tumultuous events of my life, the unanticipated occurred—I began to let go of judgment, and as I did so, forgiveness emerged.
  • Mikie Jonesцитує3 роки тому
    Most parents, and in particular mothers, feel unconditional love at the birth of their child. It is perhaps a human being’s first glimpse of Perfect Love
  • Mikie Jonesцитує3 роки тому
    trek through life looking for and trying to generate the standard we’ve been taught exists: unconditional love, ecstatic joy, and pervasive peace.
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