Alexander Stilwell

Mental and Physical Endurance

Most of us know that we are not exercising our minds and bodies as much as we should. The Elite Forces Manual of Mental and Physical Endurance uses techniques developed by special forces units to train their recruits to show how we can improve our mental and physical fitness. The book is a detailed examination of what it takes to become as fit as a special forces soldier, taking a holistic view of the body and mind. It is equally important to focus on diet, rest patterns and mental discipline as it is to concentrate on physical exercises. Using simple steps, the book shows the reader how they can build up their endurance over a matter of weeks and months, and how their quality of life will benefit. Like elite soldiers, top athletes need the spur of competition to achieve their greatest successes, and The Elite Forces Manual of Mental and Physical Endurance demonstrates how you can gain the psychological edge over your opponent. Whether you are competing in unarmed combat sports, running a marathon or just looking to get ahead, the book has helpful and practical advice for you. Using photographs and artworks, The Elite Forces Manual of Mental and Physical Endurance shows how special forces units such as the SAS and Delta Force stretch themselves mentally and physically, giving the reader the opportunity to train as they do in easy-to-follow steps to reach their peak of mental and physical strength.
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